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Who Are You?

My name is Ido Perlmuter (עידו פרלמוטר in Hebrew). I was born in 1984 in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and grew up in Rishon LeZion. I am a Software Engineer by trade; a Mechanical Engineer by education; an amateur writer, brewer and woodworker; and an enthusiastic traveler. But don't let this description fool you, I mostly sit around watching Seinfeld reruns and doing nothing.

What Do You Do?

Besides those Seinfeld reruns? I have been working as a software engineer professionally since the early '00s, first independently for various companies, then as a salaried employee for various companies, and finally independently again. In 2019 I opened my own business called Shift-Delete, in which I provide consulting, training and development services to various companies, mostly start-ups.

What's With the "ido50" Name?

You may have noticed that this website is called "ido50.net", and that "ido50" is the moniker I use around the Interwebs. A few billion years ago I opened a Yahoo! Email account. The username "ido" was already taken, but Yahoo! were kind enough to offer me "ido50" as an alternative. Giving it exactly 320 milliseconds of thought, I clicked "Next", and the rest is embarrassing history.

What Is This Website?

This has been my personal website since late 2009. Until 2022, I really only used it for myself as a way to record my hobby activities and upload travel pictures. It is now mostly a journal of sorts, providing me with a way to share my disturbing thoughts and ideas with unlike-minded people who will never read them.

Do You Have a Social Media Presence?

Not really. I don't have any Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, FlipFlop, ShplipShplop or whatever else is hot right now. Not even LinkedIn. I do have a Reddit account, because it's the only thing close to an old-style forum or BBS, but it's been going to hell too recently.

It's not that I have anything against the idea of social media platforms (I used to manage a soccer-related forum for many years in the early years of web popularity which greatly contributed to my social life), it's just that these platforms are not only the worst websites on the internet—content-wise—but also that they are purveyors of tyranny, destroyers of privacy, and actually more anti-social than pro-social.

Do You Have Free Software/Open Source Projects?

Yes, many. All my free software/open source projects are hosted on GitHub.

How Can I Contact You?

Through the magic of Email. My address is . Send me your most embarrassing photos, I promise not to sell them to Mark Snookerberg.

How Is the Website Built?

The website's content itself is written by hand in HTML, SCSS, SQL and Lua. The website is served by the HTTP Webserver I've written in C and Lua, called SheepWool.

I have used the SheepWool name for my self-written CMSs/site-generators since at least the year 2001 (back then a CGI/Perl application), but it has been written and rewritten many times over the years. It is now a C and Lua application, using SQLite as a database. It is somewhat close to static site generators in that all content comes from regular files on the file system, but the website is rendered in real time in order to support dynamic content. SheepWool is free software/open-source and released under the ISC license.

Why Is Your Website So Ugly?

Because I suck at visual design. Keep in mind that my website is desktop first rather than mobile first, so it'll look better and be more comfortable on your computer monitor.

Is There a Privacy Policy?

Yes. This website does not collect any data whatsoever from/about its visitors. No cookies are stored client-side (and neither is any other form of client-side persistence used). No information from the client is sent to the server, apart from the standard data sent by the browser with every HTTP request (IP address and user agent), but this data is not logged or otherwise stored (or even looked at), and I don't even use old-style server analytics software. This site doesn't even use any JavaScript, it's just pure HTML, CSS, some images and maybe an mp4 or two.

There are no third parties with which data is shared. I do not care who you are, where you came from, what you're doing and where you're going. Why would I?

Are There Any Terms of Use?

Yes: don't be evil.

Can I Post a Comment on Your Website?

Yes, you can send me an email to . Add the specific URL of the page you'd like to comment on in the subject line, and your comment in the body, including whatever fake name you want to use as a moniker, and I will manually post it on the page.