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Date Name Designations Location Comments
2019-09-12 Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.A
2019-09-10 Isle Royale National Park Michigan, U.S.A Stayed overnight in a tent
2019-09-09 Chequamegon–Nicolet National Forest Wisconsin, U.S.A
2019-06-19 Timna Park Nature Reserve Israel
2018-09-25 Joshua Tree National Park California, U.S.A
2018-09-24 Death Valley National Park California, Nevada, U.S.A
2018-09-19 Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Arizona, Utah, U.S.A Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon Dam
2018-09-19 Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park Arizona, U.S.A Lower Antelope Canyon
2018-09-18 Zion National Park Utah, U.S.A Kolob Terrace
2018-09-16 Zion National Park Utah, U.S.A Zion Canyon
2018-09-15 Great Basin National Park Nevada, U.S.A
2018-09-12 Lassen Volcanic National Park California, U.S.A
2018-09-10 Redwood National Park, State Park California, U.S.A
2018-09-09 Crater Lake National Park Oregon, U.S.A
2017-04-14 Big Bend National Park Texas, U.S.A Crossed the river into Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico and back
2017-04-13 Big Bend National Park Texas, U.S.A
2017-04-12 Carlsbad Caverns National Park New Mexico, U.S.A
2017-04-11 Guadalupe Mountains National Park Texas, U.S.A
2017-04-08 Saguaro National Park Arizona, U.S.A Tucson Mountain District
2016-09-14 Channel Islands National Park California, U.S.A Santa Cruz Island