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Back when I was studying Mechanical Engineering at Tel Aviv University, I noticed that the professors had a brilliant way of explaining difficult things. Whenever they had to explain how one complicated thing led to a complicated conclusion, they would often use the words "it's easy to see", and completely forego any real explanation. For example, they would display a certain equation or formula, and then say "based on this, it's easy to see that", and scrawl something like this formula on the board:

0ˣπ (cos³(x) - 3cos(x) + 2) / √(sin(x) + 2) dx = (4π - 6√(2π)) / (3e²) (5 / ln(2) + Σn=1∞ 1/n²)

Yeah, sure, whatever you say teach.

The "it's easy to see" routine was the magic bullet that allowed the professors to hide the fact that they didn't really know what the hell they were talking about. Which brings me to the war that Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbolla, Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Yemen, Bolivia, Mars and the Andromeda Galaxy are currently fighting against my country.

On October 7, 2023, which was easily the worst day of my life, Hamas launched one of the most obnoxious, most disastrous, most disgusting attacks on my brethren, killing over 1,300 people in the most brutal of ways, kidnapping hundreds more, and burning many homes. Before Israel even responded, before the country even managed to snap out of its shock, Social Justice Losers across the globe had already begun demonstrating and protesting against the "genocide being perpetrated by Israel."

The louder the person is against Israel, the less they seem to know about this whole thing. Many don't know how many Jews even exist, and most don't even know that Judaism isn't just a religion, but also an ethnicity. Like the Arabs and the Persians, Jews are an ethnic people, and Israel is the only country where they are a majority.

Many are unaware of how tiny Israel is, or how old Jewish presence in the area is, or why there were Palestinian refugees in the first place. The fact, for example, that some of my family has lived in Eretz Yisrael for more than a hundred years, and that the rest either fled their homes in Poland after Hitler invaded, or fled Iran when hostilities against Jews became common, is of no import to these brain dead zombies.

Chart showing Israel and Palestine population growths
Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing According to Idiots (Source: Jewish Virtual Library)
Chart showing Jewish population decline
Move Along, Nothing to See Here (Source: Jewish Virtual Library)

Very quickly after Hamas committed the most evil and revolting atrocities against Israelis in its genocidal attack, lovers of peace and inclusiveness across the world immediately adopted the three main strategies of evil bastards everywhere:

All three of these are commonly employed in the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish rhetoric, by the mainstream media, by those idiots on antisocial media, and no more surprising, by the UN. "Israel is the one committing genocide", "it actually wasn't Hamas", "there were no atrocities", "there are no hostages", "kill all Jews", etc.

And what are these people using to back all their claims? What evidence do they have? Only the well tested, highly effective magic bullet of those professors from my University studies: "it's easy to see; it's obvious; clearly." Or in other words: "evidence, schmevidence".

Although rabid antisemitism is probably the root cause of these behaviors, the utilization of these strategies comes from classic psychological projection, literally a defense mechanism. Actions betray words. The reason people worldwide started protesting Israel (and Jews) long before Israel even managed to get rid of all the terrorists that invaded its borders on October 7 (it took days to achieve) isn't because the atrocities didn't happen or because Israel was or is committing genocide/war crimes, but rather because Israel's haters knew deep down that this attack was so big, so revolting, so disgusting, so monstrous, that a strong, decisive, sweeping response was justified, warranted, and to be expected, even if they couldn't admit it, so they immediately went on the defensive, as strong as they could.

I'll probably be writing about this war again. You know, if I don't die.