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2011-09-30 · Weissbier


Beer Style:
Batch Size:
Brew Type:
Extract + Steeping Grains
Boil Duration:
Chill Method:
Immersion (Copper)
Original Gravity:
Final Gravity:


Brewed and Pitched

This was the first batch of beer I've ever brewed. When I started brewing beer, I was mostly a wheat beer drinker, so obviously I've decided to start with a wheat beer. It took me a long time (a few months) between making my decision to brew beer and brewing my first batch. I was researching the subject (reading books and watching videos), and also building a fermentation chamber with my father, to help keep the beers cool during fermentation. Summers in Israel are hot, and yeast are not fond of high temperatures.

Once my fermentation chamber was completed, I decided to whip up a simple recipe for a German style wheat beer, or "Weissbier". Looking back, I'm surprised I did not go with a recipe from the books or the internet, as I would from there on.

And so on Friday Sep. 30, me and my friend Yoni brewed the beer in my kitchen. It took us quite a few hours, and by the end my kitchen looked like a war zone. When we finally got to pitching the yeast, two more of my friends have arrived, and we went out to celebrate the occasion.

Exactly one month later, me and Yoni met again to try the first bottles of the beer. I was so anxious about how this beer will turn out the results absolutely astounded me. The beer was absolutely wonderful, and I was thrilled at our success.


This batch was brewed with Dry Malt Extract (manufactured by Muntons). This means I did not need to go through the process of mashing, but only the boil. However, I read about steeping grains before the boil to impart some color and flavors, and decided to do that as well. Funnily enough, I made the mistake of steeping base malts (Munich and Wheat), which doesn't really do much. Only the Crystal malts can be steeped, but I've managed to miss that part even with all my research.

Once the boil was finished, we chilled the wort to proper yeast pitching temperature with a copper counterflow chiller. This proved very uncomfortable and time consuming, as my sink was clogged and my tap water not particularly cold. It took at least 40 minutes before the wort reached proper pitching temperature, and a lot of water. This was one of the main reasons I've eventually moved to the No-Chill method.

After a two week fermentation, the beer was bottled into commercial beer bottles I've been collecting for months.


Stage Ingredient Duration Quantity
Steep Munich Malt* 30mins 500g
Wheat Malt* 30mins 500g
Boil Dry Wheat Malt 60mins 2500g
Hallertaur Hersbrucker (4.5%) 60mins 30g
Cascade (5.5%) 30mins 15g
Cascade (5.5%) 15mins 15g
Fermentation Fermentis Safbrew WB-06 1ea

* As Munich and Wheat malts are base malts, they should not be steeped. This was a mistake on my part, but it only meant they didn't effect the beer much, apart from color.


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