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2012-02-18 · Single Malt Boring Belgian


Beer Style:
Belgian Strong Ale
Batch Size:
Brew Type:
All Grain
Boil Duration:
Mash Type:
Single Infusion, 60mins, ?°C
Mash Method:
Chill Method:
Immersion (Copper)
Original Gravity:
Final Gravity:


Brewed and Pitched

I had wanted to try a single malt batch as a sort of experiment. I had also wanted to verify the claim that most dry yeasts sold to Israeli homebrewers is very high alcohol tolerant.

My expected OG was 1.085, but the actual value was 1.094. Unfortunately I did not keep note of my mash temperature. When fermentation was over and I took a final gravity reading, I was amazed to find it at 1.010, yielding a very impressive 11.62% ABV. This remains the strongest beer I've ever brewed, reaching wine-like alcohol levels.

The funny thing was that it wasn't a "heavy", difficult to drink beer. I remember it as a quite good Belgian Strong Ale, however at the time I was using water with high mineral content that always created some harsh bitterness.

The beer during primary fermentation.


Stage Ingredient Duration Quantity
Mash Pilsen Malt 5.25kg
Boil Styrian Goldings (5.2%) 60mins 20g
Styrian Goldings (5.2%) 30mins 25g
Clear Candi Sugar 15mins 1kg
Saaz (3.4%) 10mins 30g
Fermentation Fermentis US-05 2ea


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