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2013-07-12 · WhoGarden


Beer Style:
Batch Size:
Brew Type:
All Grain
Boil Duration:
Mash Type:
Single Infusion, 75mins, 65.5°C
Mash Method:
Chill Method:
No-Chill Cube
Original Gravity:
Final Gravity:


Started yeast
Pitched yeast

This batch was an attempted clone of Hoegaarden's Witbier. The recipe was taken from Home Brew Talk.

This was my first batch ever with liquid yeast. As they are not available in Israel, we have no choice but to use dry yeasts only. When my LHBS announced it would make a one-time order of liquid yeasts from White Labs, I chose six strains, one of which was WLP400 Belgian Wit. I never managed to make a witbier, mostly because the yeast are very dominant in that style, and I was eager to finally try it with "proper" yeast.

The batch turned out wonderful. I found it very close to Hoegaarden, and it was a big hit with my friends, though not all of them though it was close to the original. Regardless, I was amazed to learn about the possibilities that liquid yeasts can give you over the rather unvaried dry yeasts.


The beer was very simple to make. I made a simple infusion mash at 65.5°C for 75 minutes, using the BIAB method. I boiled for 60 minutes, making one hop addition. Immediately after the boil, I transferred the wort into a no-chill cube and let it cool naturally to room temperature.

A month later, when the liquid yeast have finally arrived, I made a yeast starter with a bit of dry malt extract (DME), and pitched the yeast to the beer the next day.

I was planning to bottle the beer after three weeks in primary, but I couldn't get around to it and left to my US vacation. When I finally got back and bottled it (actually "pigged" it into the Party Pig), the beer was in primary for exactly two months. WLP400 is a non-floculating strain, and there was no problem carbing the beer.

During the transfer to the Party Pig I've also added the spices. I do not boil the spices as people normally do, but instead let them soak for a few weeks in some vodka before straining and adding the flavored vodka during bottling. The forgotten orange peels did not seem to hurt much.


Stage Ingredient Duration Quantity
Mash Pilsen Malt 1350g
Torrified Wheat 650g
Light Wheat Malt 570g
Acidulated Malt 80g
Boil Styrian Goldings (5.6%) 50mins (30mins)* 12g
Fermentation White Labs WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale 1ea
Finish Styrian Goldings (5.6%) 10g
Crushed Coriander 7g
Cumin 0.6tsp
Orange Peel** 10g

* Bittering hop addition originally at 50 minutes, but I added them at 30 minutes to account for greater hop utilization due to the no-chill method.

** I have forgotten to add the orange peel.

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