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2013-08-31 · Wit Guy White Ale


Beer Style:
Batch Size:
Brew Type:
All Grain
Boil Duration:
Mash Type:
Single Infusion, 75mins, 65.5°C
Mash Method:
Chill Method:
No-Chill Cube
Original Gravity:
Final Gravity:


Pitched yeast

When I brewed the WhoGarden batch on July 2013, it was my intention that I will reuse the WLP400 liquid yeast to brew another batch of witbier, to maximize the value of the yeast. And so I decided to brew a recipe from Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher. Due to circumstances, however, it took me two months before I bottled that batch and I did not want to use yeast that has been sitting for so long. So I wound up pitching Fermentis WB-06.

The difference between the yeasts is very noticeable. Obviously the WLP400 made a much better beer. This one was good enough, true, but the yeast lend a certain tartness to the beer which I did not appreciate.

Surprisingly, this being a wheat beer and all, this turned out to be my clearest beer ever. And I mean clear, I could watch my computer monitor through it.


Stage Ingredient Duration Quantity
Mash Pilsen Malt 1000g
Torrified Wheat 1000g
Pale Ale Malt 600g
Munich Malt 300g
Flaked Oats 300g
Boil Northern Brewer (7.0%) 60mins (40mins)* 14g
Tettnanger (4.2%) 30mins (10mins)* 14g
Fermentation Fermentis Safbrew WB-06 0.6ea
Finish Tettnanger (4.2%) 14g
Crushed coriander 10g
Chamomile flowers 5g

* Bittering hop addition originally at 60 and 30 minutes, but I added them at 40 and 10 minutes to account for greater hop utilization due to the no-chill method.


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