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2015-03-20 · Oakshire Watershed Clone(?)


Beer Style:
American IPA
Batch Size:
Brew Type:
All Grain
Boil Duration:
Mash Type:
Single Infusion, 60mins, 67°C
Mash Method:
Chill Method:
No-Chill Cube
Original Gravity:
Final Gravity:


Dry hopped

This batch is based on the Oakshire Watershed IPA recipe in the book Craft Beer for the Homebrewer by Michael Agnew. Most everything was changed, including grain bill, hop bill, and yeast strain, but I've attempted to reach at least similar OG and IBU values. As I've never tasted Watershed IPA, I wouldn't be able to know if it's similar anyway.

I brewed the beer on a Friday morning, and pitched the yeast the morning of the next day. The wort was around 23C at the time of pitching, and was placed in the brewing fridge set to a temperature of 16C.

The temperature profile during fermentation was as such:

  • Days 1-3: 16C
  • Days 4-6: 17C
  • Days 7-11: 18C
  • Days 12-15: 20C

I dry hopped the beer on the fifth day of fermentation (simply dumping in the dry hop bill). While airlock activity dropped considerably by that time, the beer still had a thick layer of krausen on it when I added the hops.

I transferred the beer to the Party Pig on April 7th. I forgot to take a gravity reading, so I cannot calculate ABV. It had an amazing hop aroma.


Stage Ingredient Duration Quantity
Mash Pale Ale Malt 3200g
Munich Malt 120g
Cara 50 100g
Boil Nugget (13.1%) 60mins (40mins)* 20g
Centennial (8.5%) 15mins (FWH)* 14g
Zythos (9.7%) 0 (dry hop) 10g
Fermentation Fermentis Safale US-05 1ea
Centennial (8.5%) 15g
Nugget (13.1%) 11g
Zythos (9.7%) 14g

* Bittering hop additions adjusted 20 minutes down to account for greater hop utilization due to the no-chill method. Second addition turned into a First Wort Hopping addition (i.e. post-mash), and the third addition turned into a dry hop, added to the rest of the dry hop bill.

** Mashed in 12L Aqua Nova water, treated with 5g gypsum to reach almost 200ppm Sulfate, as per the recommendation in the book.


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