2014-05-11 Tel Aviv, Israel
2014-05-11 Barcelona, Spain
2014-05-11 Rupit, Spain
2014-05-11 Olot, Spain
2014-05-12 La Massana, Andorra
2014-05-13 Sort, Spain
2014-05-15 Barcelona, Spain
2014-05-16 Tel Aviv, Israel


In May 2014, my employer - Bezeq - sent all awarded exceptional employees of 2013 for a free trip in the Pyrenees Mountains in western Europe. The trip was mostly comprised of challenging drives in a group of CUVs (driven by us) up and down the mountains in Catalonia and Andorra, and a few adventurous sports activities.

While the trip afforded some great views of the Pyrenees and fun activities (not to mention being free), it suffered from endless hours of exhausting drives up and down the dangerous "roads" of the Pyrenees, to no satisfactory reasons. Arriving at a hotel late every night, we would get an hour for ourselves (showering, phone calls, etc., just like in the army) before eating dinner and falling into bed tired as hell. Being an organized trip, me and my friends found a big lack of freedom in the vacation, which we felt was sorely needed.

The photos in this page were taken by various people from the group, including me.


We landed in Barcelona on Sunday, May 11, divided into groups and started driving the CUVs towards the Pyrenees. My group comprised of me, and three of my good friends from work. For some reason, we drove with a Bolivia flag attached to the vehicle, attracting confused stares and smiles from other vehicles on the road and passers by.

We drove through the medieval Rupit village, familiarized with field driving, and reached Hotel Riu in Olot in the evening.


The next day we drove to a rope park... somewhere... and had a picnic on the park's grounds. We continued with a field drive up and down the mountains and into La Massana in Andorra, where we stayed for the night in the beautiful AnyosPark hotel.


On Tuesday the group went on a Canyoning activity nearby to the hotel. Later that evening, we went for a ride on the Tobotronc, an alpine slide in Andorra's Naturlandia adventure park. It is the longest alpine slide in the world. From there we drove to the town Sort in Catalonia, and stayed in a hotel located right next to the Noguera Pallaresa river.


On May 14 we went on a rafting trip in the Noguera Pallaresa river. After that, we drove for (too many) hours up and down the mountains, and back to the hotel in Sort.


The last day of the trip started with some more field driving, before driving all the way back to Barcelona, where we enjoyed a few hours in La Rambla, before heading to the airport and flying back to Israel.