2017-07-11 Giv'atayim, Israel
2017-07-11 Bratislava, Slovakia
2017-07-12 Vienna, Austria
2017-07-12 Bratislava, Slovakia
2017-07-13 Myjava, Slovakia
2017-07-13 Bratislava, Slovakia
2017-07-14 Prague, Czech Republic
2017-07-15 Bratislava, Slovakia
2017-07-16 Tel Aviv, Israel
2017-07-16 Giva'atayim, Israel


In July of 2017, Bnei-Yehuda Tel Aviv was playing in the UEFA Europa League soccer tournament. The team was drawn to play against Slovakian team AS Trenčín, with the first match taking place in Stadium Myjava in July 13. Three friends (Moshe, Golan and Yigal) and I decided to fly to the game.

We flew on July 11 to Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. We stayed at the Falkensteiner Hotel in Bratislava for three great nights. The city was a great surprise for us, we really enjoyed it, and spent our days walking around, drinking beer in the many pubs of the city, and going to the casino at night.

On the second day of the trip, we drove to nearby Vienna for a few hours and traveled the downtown area.

On July 13 we started the day by visiting the Bratislava Castle. I then went out for a run along the Danube River, before we left for the soccer match against Trenčín. The game was played in a small stadium with a tiny ticket booth made out of plywood. The score was tied at 1:1.

The day after the match we drove to Prague in the Czech Republic for a one night stay. The city was absolutely full of teenagers who had just finished high school, and anywhere you looked they were either pissing in the streets or vomiting. So all in all it was nice.