2019-05-24 Giv'atayim, Israel
2019-05-24 Stansted, UK
2019-05-24 St. Albans, UK
2019-05-26 Hatfield, UK
2019-05-26 St. Albans, UK
2019-05-27 Stansted, UK
2019-05-27 Tel Aviv, Israel
2019-05-27 Giva'atayim, Israel


Sometime after returning back home from my trip with friends to Paris/Munich, I stumbled upon the website of Slam Dunk Festival, a one-day punk-rock festival taking place in Hatfield, UK. Six of my favorite bands were on the lineup, three of which (Mad Caddies, Millencolin and The Get Up Kids) I had never seen live before. I spent no time in deciding to fly to the festival.

I decided to go with a very quick hop to the UK to see the festival and come back, so as to use as few vacation days as possible.

I flew to Stansted Airport on Friday, the 24th of May, where I picked up a rental car, and drove to the city of St Albans in Hertfordshire, built along the ruins of an ancient roman city Verulamium. The rental company has provided me with a Peugeot 208, the same car I have at home, only this one has the driver on the right-side, and the transmission was manual. Driving stick with your left hand felt really weird, not to mention driving on the left side of the road, but I quickly got the hang of it. I also already had some experience driving on the left from my trip to Scotland with my father.

St Albans if a pretty cool city. It was a bank holiday when I arrived, and I found the city had quite a lot of pubs (some even with beer gardens), which were quite packed with people. Surprisingly, most patrons were past 40 years of age. On Saturday I walked through the city's market, and then took the bus to see the Hertfordshire County Show, which was pretty cool. Apart from countless of local vendor booths, the show had many displays of farm animals, horses and more.

On Sunday I drove to Hatfield for the festival, which was absolutely great. I really enjoyed all of the shows and had a great time. There was great whether during my time in England, but it drizzled several times during the festival, but nothing too serious.

I flew back home the day after the festival.